Viruses and Our Immune System

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Viruses are parasites that have genetic material containing RNA or DNA. When they invade our body, it takes over our cell and causes us to become sick.

It is important to ensure that our immune system remains strong during this time.

Fountain of Life (FOL) will reduce oxidative stress that weakens our system. The lignans in FOL neutralizes free radicals that can create long-term inflammation that can open the doors to potential health challenges that includes viruses.

Lignans also induce apoptosis, which is programmed cell death. This ensures that infected cells are removed from our bodies.

Boosting our immune system is just one important step in lowering our chances for infection. Using proper hand washing techniques and keeping hard surfaces clean are very important to reduce the possibility of transference.

病毒 & 我们的免疫系统



生命之泉 (FOL) 将影响削弱我们系统的氧化压力。生命之泉中的木酚素可中和自由基,自由基会引起长期炎症,从而为包括病毒在内的潜在健康挑战敞开大门。



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