Study Shows Promise

For the Desk of David O.
Fountain of Life Product Expert

The recent published in silico study discussed the possibility that virus activity may be attenuated by lignans, such as lariciresinol on the alpha and beta estrogen receptor sites.⠀

This was an exciting development in the research of lignans as the researchers felt that this could possibly lead to lowering the replication of viral activity in the body.⠀

However, doctors have identified ACE-2 receptors as the entry point of the COVID-19 virus.

The researchers believe that as lignans block the pain from cuts and burns, they are acting on the ACE receptors. If this premise holds true, there is the possibility that it will stop the entry of COVID 19.

This shows some promise that dietary lignans (as those present in Fountain of Life) may lower the risk of acquiring this virus. The potential of lignans against viral activity will still require further study but this observation may lead us towards new treatment pathways in the future.

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