Power of Microsilver

Researchers discovered that moderate to severe periodontitis co-related to higher incidence of H pylori infection in the stomach. This means that lowering periodontitis is an important step in reducing the opportunity of developing a H pylori infection that can lead to stomach cancer.

It is important to have a toothpaste that effectively cleanses the bacteria in our mouth. Eliminating germs that cause halitosis and other oral health issues is an important step in your health.

According to the doctors, our long-term health is related to bacteria in our oral cavity. Cleansing this daily will lower the opportunity to develop serious health issues including cardiovascular disease and stomach cancer.

FERI Flawless Microsilver Protection Toothpaste contains microsilver that effectively cleanses pathogens that lead to periodontitis.

Formulated without fluoride, paraben, and sulfate for long-lasting protection, bad breath prevention and teeth whitening.

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