BREAKING NEWS In Fountain of Life Research

Drs A Sikar, N Begum and A Margret from Stella Maris College published a paper on an in Silico Study of lignans as selective silicon receptor modulators to treat viral infections in 2019 in the International Research Journal of Biological Sciences.

These researchers conducted a series of computer simulations on lignans and viruses to discover that a lignans ability to block the ERα and ERβ (ER = estrogen receptor) should limit a virus’s ability to replicate.

Past studies have shown that viral replication is inhibited by the availability of estrogen to the ERβ and thus holds the potential as a possible therapy for viral infections.

The question has been which lignan binds well to the receptor sites and will it inhibit the availability of estrogen to these sites.

This theory is an important step in realizing the potential of dietary lignans and its ability to boost our immune system by stopping viral infections from replicating in the body through the blockage of specific receptor sites.

Lariciresinol, a component of Fountain of Life reacted well with the α and β receptors, showing a drug-likeness.

However, in vivo and in vitro studies must still be conducted to prove that the theories hold true but this holds much promise in preventing illness through a better, balanced diet. While this is not a drug or treatment for a viral infection

Taking 30 plus drops a day of Fountain of Life will provide the right lignan balance in your diet as this is nature’s most powerful lignan source.

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