You Don’t Want To Be A Shar-Pei

Aging men are like the Chinese Shar-Pei dog. Yes, that wrinkly, saggy skinned dog. “Shar pei” which translates to “sandy skin” in English is fitting if they don’t take care of their skin.

Women understand the importance of a daily anti-aging skin regimen and take it very seriously from a very young age. Yet, men are still ignorant about the fact that they also have the same skin. Men’s skin also needs the same anti-aging treatment to protect the largest organ in our body, particularly our face.

More and more baby boomers are now experiencing some sort of skin disorder, including the deadly melanoma which is skin cancer. Reckless sun tanning behaviour of the last millennium and the synthetic products used daily has created a generation of men with aged skin that looks far beyond their years.

As the decades passed, the sun’s rays have become more and more aggressive to the skin with harmful free radicals causing oxidative stress that causes our appearance to appear weathered and old. More than ever before we need to support our skin with nutrients that slow the signs of aging, and to avoid the title of Shar-Pei.

Two years ago, the world’s first “professional grade” anti-aging skin regimen for home was released by FERI, and that was the last day Opulence Global’s Founder/CEO, Ramin Mesgarlou used traditional aftershave & shaving creams. Today, as he approaches 52, his skin looks better and tighter than when he was in his 40’s. He is CONFIDENT that his skin is being nourished with the nutrients it needs to keep looking young, tight and healthy.  

So, for 50+ men, the future is between being a Shar-Pei and Flawless. Along with Ramin, thousands of other people have chosen the world’s first “spa-grade” anti-aging skin system for home known as FERI Flawless.  

To start your skin rejuvenation, and to receive your free VIP rewards, contact your FERI Flawless brand partner today. 

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